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Holland Norway Lines was declared bankrupt on September 1, 2023, with the appointment of Mr. J.C.M. Silvius as the trustee and Mrs. D.J. Klein as delegated judge. The delegated judge supervises the trustee during the bankrupty. The trustee had developed this platform for handling the claims of the affected passengers.

Passengers who have not received an email from the trustee with login details can register via the platform. HNL passengers can only submit their claim via this platform. It is not possible to submit the claim directly to the trustee. These messages will not be processed by the trustee.


Will my claim be paid?
In most bankruptcies, creditors are not paid. As it now seems, this will also be the case with Holland Norway Lines. Maybe that will change. We will keep you informed via the platform.
Are you already known as an affected passenger and have you received login details from us?
Then login to submit your claim. If you have not received login details, you can register.